How to apply for residency in Morocco ?

The National Identity Card, or CIN is a sesame that you will have to use much more often than in your country of origin. And even as an expatriate, you will hold a CIN, as it is granted to Moroccan non-residents, and takes the place of a residence permit.

You can enter again in Morocco when you’ve been fined for overstaying

Once your situation is cleared, the fine paid and you left Morocco, you are not blacklisted and you can come back without any problem. In order to make a good assessment of your risks if you stay in Morocco after the August deadline, it’s necessary to understand how is the procedure done, and what it implies for your future in Morocco.

Obtaining Moroccan nationality

Obtaining Moroccan nationality is complicated and almost impossible, except in certain special cases. It is even more difficult to “lose” Moroccan nationality, even voluntarily. An obstacle course with no real advantages at the end.