Between tradition and modernity

The tradition is the negotiation of the fine, which will finally be paid directly, for a small sum, to the police officer. Modernity is the new highway code and the radar, not yet in operation.

How to find Pumpkin Spice in Morocco ?

Pumpkin Spice is a famous Fall treat, but Starbucks does not distribute its famous Pumpkin Spice Latte in Morocco. You can find all the ingredients easily to make a delicious home made version, or simple a spice mix.

Find a job as an English speaking expat in Morocco

How / where to find a job when you’re an English speaking expat in Morocco summarizes two different questions: how to work legally in Morocco when you’re a foreigner ? I’ll detail later on the process to get your C.T.E. (Contrat de Travail pour Etranger, Foreigner Employment Contract) approved by the Ministry,  in Rabat, a…

You can enter again in Morocco when you’ve been fined for overstaying

Once your situation is cleared, the fine paid and you left Morocco, you are not blacklisted and you can come back without any problem. In order to make a good assessment of your risks if you stay in Morocco after the August deadline, it’s necessary to understand how is the procedure done, and what it implies for your future in Morocco.

When it’s all over…

This might be my most-said sentence these days, when it’s all over, when we can return to normality, when all this madness settles down…