Boeing landed in Morroco

In order to make a good assessment of your risks if you stay in Morocco after the August deadline, it’s necessary to understand how the procedure is done, and what it means for your future in Morocco.

You are not fined at the airport, but before you leave

You need to clarify your situation before you leave. You go to the Police, they get your statement, with your explanations and justifications (I’ve been ill, had a flight that had been cancelled three times, etc.) and proofs if you have.

You file is transferred by the Police to the Court, and the court decides the amount of your fine. Or the court can also decide that your reasons are acceptable, and that you will not be fined at all, or for a low amount.

Once the Court has made it’s decision, you pay the fine and you get a special paper, which is an authorization to leave Morocco.

You present this paper to the Police controlling passports at the airport or the ferry station, and you are authorized to leave.

You will not be able, in any case, to manage this process last minute at the airport. And if you try to do so, that’s the only case where you could be detained, till the process is over. This might be long and complex.

But you won’t leave Morocco before. You won’t be deported in any case.

You’ll just leave Morocco after having paid a fine.

Will you be able to enter again Morocco without any problem ?

If you are in a situation where you can enter Morocco without a visa, yes. (And if borders are open in general, etc)

It has been told to me when I was in this situation, it has been also experienced by friends who had the same problem :

Once you have left, you are free to enter again normally.

In other words, it’s not like Schengen, the US or any country where you are blacklisted if you “burn your visa” as Moroccan say (stay too long).

That’s the same for people who renew too late their residency card : they got through special procedures, but they can renew it.

Thought it was important to explain that, seeing fears and questions around me.