Challenging Moroccan “hypocrisy”

Every time we talk to expats about Ramadan, the accusation of hypocrisy comes up. It gets on my nerves, because it shows how little we understand in Morocco

Ashura’s drums

Ashura is festive in Morocco, with rites common to the whole country, such as the drums, the water games of Zem-Zem, and the firecrackers

Between tradition and modernity

The tradition is the negotiation of the fine, which will finally be paid directly, for a small sum, to the police officer. Modernity is the new highway code and the radar, not yet in operation.

One man’s dunes are not another’s

I like the desert and the dunes near Tazzarine. I don’t like the Dakar which destroys a fragile ecosystem and misses the silence and emptiness of the desert

Berber Tattoos for the Amyrlin Seat (Wheel of Time)

Did you watch this Wheel of Time trailer? With this superb Berber tattoo, enhanced with Arabic characters, on the chest of Siuan Sanche, the leader of the Aes Sedai, these women with such powerful magic powers?